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DP Services offered at SSJ

As a depository participant with CDSL, we offer the following services:

  • Account Opening

    To open an account with us, all you have to is fill in the demat account opening form and submit it along with proof of identity, proof of address and passport size photograph. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will assist you with a better understanding of the products as well as procedure for getting your account operational.

    On receipt of the client account form we will verify the mandatory requirements and attachments. Once verification is complete, we will allot a unique BO ID (Beneficial Owner Identification Number), which is required to be quoted for all future transactions.

  • Dematerialisation

    This is the process by which physical certificates of an investor are converted to an equivalent number of securities in electronic form and credited in the investor's account with its Depository Participant (DP).

  • Rematerialisation

    This refers to conversion of the securities held in electronic form in a demat account to an equivalent number of securities in physical form (certificates). Rematerialisation is, thus, the reverse process of Dematerialisation.

  • Transfer of securities

    The power of attorney submitted by you with respect to the Demat Account enables us to credit your demat account whenever purchase of securities takes place. In case of sale of securities, we directly debit your demat account to transfer the securities to the Clearing House / Clearing Corporation to complete your pay-in obligation. Such a system avoids unnecessary delays and avoids issuance of multiple instructions from the client.

  • Pledging/Hypothecation

    Securities held in demat form can be pledged / hypothecated to avail of loan/credit facility or for other purposes. This allows you to get liquidity without having to sell your shares. The securities continue to be in pledgor’s account and therefore all benefits viz. Dividend, Bonus and Rights accrue to the account holder and not the pledgee.

  • Corporate Benefit - Dividend, Bonus or Rights Issue

    In case the company in which you hold shares in demat form announces any corporate benefits like bonus, dividend etc., the same are credited to your relevant account in a hassle-free and transparent manner.

  • Public Issue

    When subscribing for shares in a public issue, you can request for securities, if allotted, to be credited directly to your demat account and quote your demat account for the purpose in the application form.

  • Nomination

    You can make a nomination of your account in favour of any person by filing up the nomination details in the account opening form. This is to enable the nominee to receive the securities after the death of all the holder(s) of the demat account. An NRI can nominate another NRI or a resident Indian directly. But, the power of attorney holder cannot nominate on behalf of NRI. An NRI can be a nominee subject to the exchange control regulations in force from time to time.

  • Transmission

    This is the process by which securities of a deceased account holder are transferred to the account of the surviving joint holder(s)/nominee/legal heirs of the deceased account holder.

  • SMS Alerts

    SSJ Finance provides SMS Alerts through CDSL on your mobile phone for all debit/credit transactions in your Demat Account including IPO allotments. This service can be enjoyed at no additional cost.

In order to avail any of the services mentioned above, including the SMS Alerts, you may contact us or email us at dp@ssjfinance.com.

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